Give Thanks: Be Grateful for YOU!

Tis the season of thanksgiving! As we begin to reflect on the things and people that we are grateful for, I challenge you to start with YOU! Take some time and be thankful for you. Consider who you are and what you bring the table. What attributes do you contribute to your family, the workplace, your marriage, and your friendships? And remember, there is only one you. So what makes you unique?

We often look in the mirror and notice what is missing. We contemplate about how our lives should be different. We dream of having thicker hair and lips. We hate our smile and thighs. Our feet are too wide and so are our shoulders. We desire better patience and promotions with an awesome salary increase. But, I like to think about how my life could be worse. While hoping for a different life or shoe size, we consider what comes with those difference.

More money, more problems. Thicker hair, more expensive hair products. Tired of being called fat? Is it any easier being called skinny? No one has a perfect life or an ideal body. Regardless to what you have or what you lack, everything comes with a price. So just be thankful for what you have, who you are and how you look.

Take it from me, being ungrateful can lead to a loss. If you despise your job and consistently complain about how it could be better, it is possible that you can lose that job altogether. We are to be grateful for what we have first before we can receive greater.

Be Thankful. Be Grateful. Be InspiHERed!


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